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Westgate Pasadena

Los Angeles, California

This 3-story mixed-use project in the historic downtown area of Pasadena includes 88 condominium units and 18,000 square feet of ground floor retail.

The upper two floors of residential units are grouped together within frames of white plaster that float above the glass-clad ground floor retail. The units within the white frames are clad in horizontal metal siding. The living room of each unit is recessed to create a terraced balcony and to and depth to the façade. Two-story loft units on the top floor occur at each corner of the complex and create iconic gateway elements at the street intersections.

COE was Design Architect in collaboration with Danielian Associates Architect of Record.

Westgate Wins Gold! Press Release

DTLA Rising: A Closer Look at Westgate Pasadena


Danah Mangahis
Gavin Farley
Daisy Lin
Melanie Kao
Giuli Haro
Sylvia Ng

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