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The MARKE at South Coast Metro

Santa Ana, California

The design is an inventive re-imagining of typical urban infill residential developments, distinguished by innovative land-planning and dramatic architecture. The strong building forms are varied in height, length and shape and further enlivened with bold color, pattern and texture. Unapologetic of its scale, color and Modernist roots, The Marke is filled with amenities on par with high-end boutique hotels and provides social gathering spaces and activities that bind the community together, redefining Orange County apartment life. Located in a suburban office park which now allows for mixed-uses, the design skillfully mediates the vast scale differences between the large office buildings and nearby single-family homes and allows for pedestrian passages through the site, threading together the disparate neighborhood. Containing 300 market-rate apartment units in three buildings on a 4-acre site in Santa Ana, California, the project also contains a one-acre amenity deck on top of a 5-story parking garage, large courtyards and lush landscaping.



Urban In-fill | Fitness & Gym | Aquatic | Mixed Use | Urban Communities | Multi-family Residential | Work Community | Office Buildings | Nature Connections | Natural Environmental Connections


Santa Ana, California, USA


Carol Templeton
Melanie Kao
Daisy Lin
Ai Kimura
Allan Dietel
Robert Gross
Ana Valkova
Jamila Haygood
Sean Martino
Debby Ly
SongHee You
Norio Kobayashi
Bethany Gomes
Peter Chen
Danah Mangahis
Dylan Wood
Giuli Haro


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