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Hotel Sherman Oaks

Los Angeles, California

A welcoming hospitality establishment appropriately scaled to the neighborhood, Hotel Sherman Oaks introduces lively color, patterns and textures to the area and an invitation to passers by. The main building facade consists of a cheerful pattern of windows walls, and screen walls with angled metal panels and flat cement board panels. The hotel end walls also have a rich textured effect created by angled metal panels. The clear glazing along the pool enclosure and hotel lobby present an inviting frontage along the ground floor of the building to pedestrians and travelers.

Layers of planting provide a visually attractive frontage along Riverside Drive. The entry drive includes enhanced paving and native and indigenous plants for low water use composition. The site open spaces are designed to connect visitors to the natural environment as well as provide passive recreation opportunities.

The building transforms an existing surface parking lot into a resort-like hotel with an activated pool terrace visible from the sidewalk and street. The pool deck is buffered from the sidewalk by a landscaped edge, glazed fencing and an arcade structure leading to the hotel lobby. The building has a pedestrian scaled arcade structure which wraps around the northwest corner of the site and engages with the ramp leading to the building entrance as well as the pool enclosure wall to create a continuous ribbon effect, unifying the ground level of the site.

Hotel parking will be below grade and accessed via the existing driveway which will be transformed into a refined vehicular arrival plaza with enhanced paving and landscaping. Signage is kept to a minimum and is integrated with the building facade panels in a cohesive manner. Site lighting will be utilized to highlight pedestrian paths as well as complement architectural details.

Hospitality Design: Sherman Oaks Hotel to Open in Spring 2017



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