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Hollywood Palladium Towers

Hollywood, California

The existing historic Palladium nightclub was designed in the late 1930s in a minimal Streamlined Moderne style. The building is characterized by the horizontal massing of its facades juxtaposed to the dominant curve of the ballroom roof and the evocative form of the curved canopy over the west entry. The main entry is highlighted by a curved, horizontal signage marquee topped with a vertical pylon blade sign.  The building is painted in a polychromatic scheme of its’ day with tones of dark green, light cream and vibrant blue . This artful and colorful composition of horizontal orientation and curved accents is the basis for the building forms of the new development.

The buildings of the new development are carefully arranged adjacent to and behind the Palladium in a respectful manner that frames the existing building, making it the centerpiece of this new urban composition.  The form, massing, details and color of the new buildings take their cues from the horizontal and curved forms of the Palladium, further relating the new development to the valued original building.

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