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Hanna Barbera Cartoons

Hollywood, California

This project was the conversion of, and addition to, an existing warehouse on the campus of a world-famous cartoon animation company. The new project created a 17,500 square foot artist studio for the company’s animators and merchandise creators.

The existing warehouse was adjacent to the company’s iconic 1960’s modernist office building and the addition to it needed to be compatible with the  mannered architectural language of this unique building. The rectangular warehouse is wrapped on its two exposed sides with a new two-story L-shaped building that contains offices and some workstations and a lounge. A tall cylindrical form containing new conference rooms is located at the  intersection of the “L” shape and marks the new main street entrance. The  interior of the existing warehouse was completely refurbished and filled with new open-plan workstations and an archives center. The 1960’s futuristic style seen in the company’s famous cartoon series “The Jetsons” served as the  precedent for the architectural language of the façade and interiors. Designed by Christopher Coe while Partner and Design Principal of COE Design Architecture.

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