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Breakwater Marina del Rey

Marina del Rey, California

This prominent 6.50-acre site is the “gateway” parcel located along the main boat channel leading from Marina del Rey to Santa Monica Bay. The project entails the complete exterior and interior renovation of four 3-story buildings containing 224 apartment units that were originally built in the 1960s. The project also includes a complete redesign of all exterior landscaping. The aesthetic of the renovation is derived from that of sail boats in the adjacent marina, with their crisp white hulls and warm wood decks. Large white plaster “frames” suspended off of the building facades serve to distinguish the balconies of each individual unit and dark wood siding is applied between the floor lines. A dramatic grove of palm trees and a large fountain define the entry arrival plaza on the street side and a broad new pedestrian promenade lines the entire frontage of the project along the water side. The promenade is punctuated with a graphic paving pattern, palm trees, lighting, benches and viewing platforms.


Carol Templeton
Melanie Kao
Daisy Lin
Qu Kim

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