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Argyle Tower

Hollywood, California

This sleek 16-story tower contains 68 condominium units, a club room, fitness center, swimming pool and roof deck. The site is a plateau looking south over downtown Hollywood and is bounded on the north by the 101 Hollywood Freeway.

The design for Argyle Tower is greatly influenced by the geographical, architectural and urban contexts of the site. The building is composed of two interlocking components: A 12-story sleek, curved, glass tower resting on a 4-story rectangular parking podium. The north and south faces of the tower are sweeping curves that respond to both the arc of the freeway to the north and the views of the basin to the south. They create a dynamic effect when viewed from any direction, particularly when traveling by vehicle on the freeway. The podium lends stability to the composition, anchors the tower to the ground and connects it to the urban grid. The roof of the building is capped with a horizontal plane that serves as a shading element for the roof-top amenity deck but also functions as the code-required helipad and contains a field of photovoltaic panels for energy generation.

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