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550 Pharr Road

Atlanta, Georgia

The project encompasses the interior and exterior renovation of an existing 9-story office building, converting it to a residential use with approximately 100 apartment units with related amenity spaces. A new clubhouse, leasing office and fitness room face a new pool on the first floor. Outdoor rooftop common open spaces on the 7th floor are for resident’s use. The existing reflective glass curtain wall of the center volume will be removed and replaced with new a glass window wall system set back from the building face to create large terraces for the residential units on these floors. The “box” will be clad in red metal panels.



Renovation | Office Space | Work Space | Urban | Mixed Use | Aquatic | Recreation | Fitness & Gym


Sean Martino
Daisy Lin
Debbie Ly
Norio Kobayashi
Melanie Kao
Peter Chen

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