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Santa Ana, California

NINETEEN01 is a modern urban infill development marking the first in the new Metro East Mixed-Use overlay zone created by the Santa Ana Planning Commission, known as MEMU. Intended to create an “urban village” in this nondescript area of Santa Ana, the MEMU plan encourages denser development, ground-floor retail and pedestrian connectivity. The plan also requires each development to set aside one-third of the site as public open space, a space of 33,000 square feet in this case.

COE Architecture worked closely with city planning officials, councilmembers and local citizens for over a year to devise the development’s unique master plan.

An underutilized office building with a large 600-car parking structure previously occupied the site. After multiple site plan studies, COE persuaded the developer and City to remove the office building but retain the parking structure and incorporate it into the new mixed-use development.

The result is vibrant cluster of new three- to five-story buildings with 265 apartment units encapsulating the parking structure and defining a large triangular public park. Intimately-scaled three-level “walk-up” townhomes wrap the garage on the east side masking it from view. The building steps up in scale along First Street toward the prominent retail corner and park.

The creative reuse of the substantially-built parking structure provided a unique opportunity to construct a roof-top recreation deck over it. This landscaped deck features 360 views of the skyline, a clubhouse, pool, fitness center, spa and outdoor dining areas. The 33,000 square foot park on the ground level provides another communal space for residents.

MFE: Santa Ana’s First Property for New Mixed-Use Zone Designed to Wow Residents



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Santa Ana, California, USA


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